Art school is just around the corner…


Well, the summer has come and gone for the students at LCAD and now is the time  to get back to the old grind and pick up those pencils, paint brushes, key boards, and  chisels and begin again another amazing all-inspiring year at LCAD for fall 2016.

Yes, ill admit the 3 month break was fun, leisurely, restful, and fast; but I can’t wait to get back into the class room and draw and paint my little heart out!.

Ive learned a great deal from the teachers and the students last semester and its left me feeling hungry with desire and passion to want more out of my education. The truth is I love to draw and paint, its my whole blueprint for living. Ive never known a greater sense of purpose in life than to be an artist and words fail to express the joy I feel when I’m in those class rooms. Its a complete thrill knowing I’m attending one of the greatest art schools in the world! and the fun is just beginning.

I still have 3 1/2 years more to go until I get my bachelors degree in Illustration and I pray to the heavens to slow that time down even more so I can bask in the gratitude and excitement of being an art student.