About the Artist


Born and Raised in Laguna Beach, California, Aprils passion to unite realism with fantasy has always been her goal when it comes to her art. Studying both animal and human anatomy is a constant perseverance to help design a more believable fictional creature. Her inspiration and reference comes in all forms; such as bones and muscle tissue, colorful birds, ambient fish, flowering plantlife,    skin tearing sharp toothed animals, and anything else that may find its way into her field of vision that well spark the glow of inspiration.

Raised under the roof of her supportive mother and already well achieved father, a famous watercolor artist – David Solomon – who currently has a painting exhibiting in the Smithsonian Institute, her upbringing has been blessed with nurturing parents in aid of helping April reach the heart felt goals of becoming an artist.

“ I observe the world around me and use the material I have to inject my fantasy creatures into something breathable and truly lifelike, its a challenge that welcomes me every time.” says April.

The materials used to construct her work involves colored pencils, gouache, acrylics, and oils. Her work guides her use of medium depending on the subject and size the choice of medium well vary from each piece.

Ms Solomon has been showing her work through galleries in both the United States and Canada, Comic-cons, personal and public exhibits and a well renowned show titled the Sawdust Festivle in Laguna Beach where she won second place for best art among her peers.

April is currently attending the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California where she plans to get a degree in illustration. Her pursuit of evolving into a well achieved and successful illustrator continues to mold and shape her in not just her art, but in her individual life as well.

You can view April Solomons work through other sites such as atomsanddust.devinatart.com

For Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr: AprilSolomonArt

Contact through E-mail: Aprilsolomonart@gmail.com




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